MSR Alpine Stainless Steel Pot Set

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Cooking over a campfire or on a stove, these tough pots are versatile and durable with a unique nesting design to minimize space but maximize cooking.
  • Strong: Stainless steel offers the ultimate in durability.
  • Compact: Efficient nesting design saves valuable pack room.
  • Multi-Function: Pot lids can be used as plates.
  • 2- Person Set Includes: (1) 1.5L pot, (1) 2L pot, (1) lid/plate, (1) PanHandler pot handle, and (1) stuff sack
  • 4- Person Set Includes: (1) 1L pot, (1) 2L pot, (1) 3L pot, (3) lids/plates, (1) PanHandler pot handle, and stuff sack.